A Poituk E~ Ralhrang Nih Mipi Sakhan An Ting Hoi Cang

A poituk hringhran cang e ralhrang uico pawl nih Launglung ah mipi ralkap Pah-kah-phah sakhan pakhat an lak piak hna i pasaltha pakhat hliamhma he an tlaih chih tiah theih a si.

Tanintharryi ramthen Launglung peng chung Pah-kah- Phah mipi ralkap sakhan pakhat cu ralhrnag nih an kal hnawh hna i an nam hna caah sakhan pakhat cu an lak tiah theih a si. Hi sakhan laknak ag pasaltha pakhat cu hliamhma a tuar caah ralhrang nih an tlaih chih tiah nihin June 4 ah Launglung PDF nih cathanh an chuah.

June 30 ah dalan nih ralhrang sin ah thawng a thanh hna caah ralhrang lei nih a tomtom in Launglung Pahkaphah sakhan cuban nam hna i kaphnih ikahnak a chuak. Milu thazaang le hriamnam thazaang an i thlau tuk caah mipi ralkap nih sakhan an chuah tak tiah theih a si.

Cucaah ralhrang nih mipi ralkap sakhan chung um eiding tirawl le hriamnam vialte an lak dih lawng si lo in pasaltha pakhat cu hliamhma a tuar caah ralhrang nih cun an tlai chih tiah Launglung PdF nih cathanh an chuah. Source-Launglone People Defence Force

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