Hakha, Mie Peng Hranhring Khua Le Nabual Khua Pawng Ah Ralhrang Bomb A Tla

Chin ramkulh, Hakha, Mie peng Nabual khua pawng le Hranhring khua ah bomb a tla tiah kan theih.

Khuami pakhat nih ” Hranhring (A) khua pawng ah bomb voihnih a tla, voikhat hi Bualhnin kan ti mi Lei kuang (Nel) ah a tla, voikhat hi hlan lio khuathing thialtak cang mi hmun ah a tla, khuami hliamtuar le a khawngdeng mi kan um lo tiah a chim.

Nabual khuami pakhat nih ” kan khuapawng hrawng ah zing in bomb tlak thawng kan theih, hliam le rawkral bal a um lo ” tiah a chim ve.Credit- The Lairam Times

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