Monyua University Hmunkhuar SAC Ralhrang F as k taktak In an kah hna

Monyua Sipuazi University ah hmunkhuar mi SAC ralhrang pawl an kah hna caah Ralhrang minung 6 an thi tiah theih a si.

Sagaing ramthen Monyua peng zmonyua sipuazi Univuersiry sisnginn chung ah hmunkhuar mi SAC ralhrangvpawl hna cu July 19 cu Westerncommend PDF tangti phu nih an kah hna caah SAC ralhrang minung 6 an thi tiah PDF phu fonh nih cathsnh an chuah.

July 19 nizan Martyr’s Day day b as k sh Monyua Sipuazi univarsity hmunkhuar mi hna cu hriamnam ngan le hme he suimilam a cheutluk kan kah hna caah tampi nih hliamhma an tuar lai. A thimi kan hmuh khawh mi hna cu minung pa6 an si tiah pDF chungtel pakhat nih a chim.

Ralhrang hmunkhuar a kaptu hna PDF gonh phu cu People’s Defence Force – South Monywa၊ Black Dragon – Special Task Force ၊ Anyar Defence Force (A.D.F)၊ God of Monywa People’s Defence Force & Red Eagle People’s Defence Force၊ Monywa Fighter Group & Golden Eagle Force – Monywa ၊ Monywa Ranger Group – Truth Army ၊ Monywa Red Peacock ၊ People’s Defence Force – Yar Za Than Springs Dove hna an si tiah theih asi. Tef-Khitthit

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