NLD Party Ropui Tihnung Tak In Ralhrang Dohnak Ah An Hung Chuak Than Cang

NLD party cu raltha tak in an hun lang than cang ko hna hih. Ralhrang nih a ra laimi ah thimnak tuahthan an timh mi cu phungning lo a si i phungphai le upade he ai kalhtuk. Cucaah NLD party nih kan cohlang kho lo tiah cathanh an hun chuah than cang.

Mipi rampi pawl nih mee thlak in thimnak result kum 2020 cu hrawh in ralhrang nih a thar in thimnak tuah than an timh mi cu thimnak phungning lona si cang. Cucaah kanmah NLD nih cun ralhrang nih tuahthan timh mi thimnak cu zeitihmanh in kan cohlang kho lo tiah nihin ah cathanh an hun chuah than cang.

Ralhrang ralkap nih hramhram in mipi thimnak a phichuak hrawh rumro cu upade phungphai he aa kaih lo mi a si lengah pydaungsuh hlutdaw nih a fehter cang mi phungning in thimmi commission cu hrawk in a thar commission dirh than cu upde he aa tlak mi a si ti lo caah kanmah NLD nih cun kan cohlang kho ti lo tiah cathanh an chuah.

Kum 2022 November 8 thimnak cu mee thlaknak zate fonh 1117 hmun ah tuah khawh a si i mee thlaknak ngahtu zate fonh hi 38,271,447 an si i pYtuhhlutdaw ah 27512855 an si, ramkulh le ramthen hludaw ah 30459113 nih mee an thlak caah percentage in 71 leng an kai. NLD nih 82.36 % in teinak an hmuh i 920 nih thimnak an co tiah NLD nih an langhter.

Cucaah kum 2020 thimnak cu mipi nih mah duhtein thimmi a si ko mi hramhram in mipi thimmi hrawk in uknak an lak ruangah rammi vialte nih ralhrang cu dohnak a thawk hi a si. Ralhrang ruangah rammi khuaruahhar in a muchia. Hi lio ah ralhrang nih a thar in thimnak kan tuah than lai timi hi cu zeibantuk hmanh un tuah than timh hna sehlaw phungning lo thimnak a si cang. Updi he aa kaih lo mi thimnak a si cang caah kanmah NLD nihcun ralhrang thimnak cu kan cohlang kho ti lo tiah NLD nih cathanh an chuah.Source- Khitthit

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