Ooredoo Company nih Myanmar Ram A Chuahtak Ve Hoi Cang lai

Myanmar ramchung a pathumnak a nganbik mi OredovOperator cu Myanmar ram chung in a chuak thsn cang lai tiah theih a si.

Myanmar ram chungah Investment a tuah ve mi Kata pehtlaihnak company Ooredoo(ORDS.QA) cu Myanmar ram chuah tak ve dingah Shares pawl zuar ding in an i ruah cuahmah cang tiah Reuter thawngzamh nih an tial.

Ooredoo company nih a shares vialte zuar dih ding in SAC ralhrang sin thawngthanhnak a tuah cang. ooredoo company hi Myanmar ram chungah kum 2020 ah a hmang mi 15 million an si caahMyanmar ram chung pehtlaihnak operator ah a nganbik mi a pathumnak a si.

Ooredoo Company cawk ding ah timhtuahnak a ngei hna i cu company pawl hna nih cawkdawh an si tiah ruahdamh cang mi hna cu Singapore hrambunh Young Investment Group၊ le Skynet hna an i tel i SkyNet Company cu Shwe Tanlwun Company ngeitu a si tiah theih a si.

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