Ralhrang nih SUNG TIN PAR Tlaih Dingin An Kawl Cang –

Uico ralhrang nih Lainu hlasakthiam minthang Sung Tin Par cu tlaih ding in an kawl cuahmah. Sung Tin Par tlaih ding in nawl/Order chuahtu hi ralhrang Han Nyein Oo asi i, rammi sinak le a umnak inn tiang chuh ding tiang in a ti. Ralhrang pa nih hin Sung Tin Par hi adik lomi sualpuhnak in tlaih a tim hi asi. Sung Tin Par le achungkhar hi thlacamnak in bawm cio hna usih.

Personal info of iconic singer Sung Tin Par, including her national ID & residential address has been outed by junta informant infamously known as Han Nyein Oo, who asked for the celebrity to be arrested for supporting the resistance. Junta agents are now searching for the singer. CHRO

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