Ralhrang Uico Motor Pahnih Choi Viar in an phomh caah a Thi Dih Deng ko

Monywa ah ralhrang uico motor pahnih special bomb in an kah hna caah ralhrang uico minung 15 an thi i Myawng ralhrang uico bomb in an puah ve hna caah pahnih an thi ve rih i Myinmu i ralhrang uico sakhan an kah caah ralhrang polik 8 an thah khawh hna tiah theih a si.

Chokhleipar| May 9 | 2022

Sagaing ramthen Monywa Northen commend Nah-Ma-khan in a chuak mi ralhrang uico motor pahnih cu May 8 chunhnu nazi pahnih hrawnghrang ah mipi ralkap PDF nih special in tuah mi bomb in an puah hna caah ralhrang uico minung 15 an thah khawh hna tiah theih asi.

Mah ralhrang uico motor pahnih hna cu Democratic Guerilla Force (Lower Chindwin)၊ Anonymous Heores People Defence Force le Dynamite Heores BDL People Defence Force hna bomb an kah hna tiah theih asi.

Culawng si lo in Myawng peng chung khuate pawl mei in a khangh tu ralhrang pawl an kir nak ah mipi ralkap phu 4 fonh hna nih bomb in an kah ve hna caah uico pahnih an thi tiah Natogyi Regional Defence Force (NRDF) sinin theih asi.

Cu ralhrang uico phu hna cu Natogyi Regional Defence Force (NRDF)၊ MSPDF၊ Burmese Guerrilla Force (BGF)၊ Chaung U People Defence Force (CHUPDF) hna nih an kah mi hna a si i pahnih an thih lengah panga nih faktuk in hliamhma an pu tiah NRDF nih cathanh an chuah.

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