SAC Tilawng Pa9 An Kah Caah Ralbawi Telh In 10 Leng An Thah Hna

SAc ralhrang uico tilawng mipi vengtu phu nih an kah hna caah ralbawi telh in pa10 an thi tiah Minkin PDF nih cathanh an chuah.

Sagaing ramthen Minkin peng chungah SAc ralhrang uico pawl tilawng in a kalmi hna cu mipi vengtu PDF nih an kah hna caah ralbawi pakhat telh in ralhrang 10 an thi tiah Minkin PdF nih thanh.

Nizan July 25 zingka suimilam 7 am tluk ah Minkin peng chungah tilawng 9 in a lutmi SAc ralhrang uico pawl cu mipi vengtu PdF pawl nih fakngai in an phomh hna caah kaphnih i kahnak cu suimilam pathum tluk a rau tiah theih a si.

SAc ralhrnag uico bawi pakhat le seh meithal tlaitu pakhat telh in a tlawmbik minung 10 an thi lai tiah Minkin PdF nih cathanh ah an langhter. I kahnak ah mipi vengtu pasaltha pahnih fakngai in hliamhma an pu ve tiah ab thanh chih. Source-People SpringP

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