Shan State Army says they are ready to fight If The Junta Army attack

Shan State Army says they are ready to fight after the junta army orders Shan State Army (SSA) to withdraw from SSA headquarter bases in northern Myanmar

09 June 2022

The junta army has ordered Shan State Army (SSA), also known as Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP), to withdraw from three bases in Mong Hsu township, where SSA headquarter is based, on 04 June 2022.

The junta army’s order comes amid the heightening tensions between the Shan State Army and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) in southern Shan State.

SSA responds to the junta’s order that all troops have been prepared to fight against the junta army if SSA bases in Loi Naing village and Man Wan village are attacked, reaffirming that SSA has occupied the bases for more than a decade. The spokesperson of SSA has confirmed there is no reason to be withdrawn from northern headquarters.

SSA says the junta army has deployed several artilleries with the types of 120 mm, 81 mm, 60 mm, machine gunships and the heavy reinforcement of the troops near SSA bases and the junta forces actively patrolling in the areas of 7 miles and 9 miles near Mong Hsu township.

Photo/Shan State Progressive Party and Credit-Chindwin News Agency

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