Thawngpang Thar-KNU Nih Ralhrang Uico 95 An Kah Thah Hna

KNU/KNLA nih ralhrang uico pawl minung 94 an kah thah hna. KNU tat-maha 5 hmunhma chung ah ralrang uico le KNLa karlak June thla chung ah i kahnak voi 223 a chua i ralhrang uico minung 94 an kah thah hna i minung 55 ni hliamhma an tuar tiah theih a si.

Kayin hriamtlai KNU tat-maha-5 hmunhma chung Phapun pengkomh lonh in ralhrang uico pawl le BGF a lut mi hna pawl cu KnLa tat-maha5 karlak June 1 in 30 tiang ah ralhrang le KNLA karlak i kahnak 223 a chuak i ralhrangble BGF lei in minung 94 an thi i 55 nih hliamhma an tuar tiah KNU tat-maha 4 nih cathanh an chuah.

Ralhrang athimi hna chung ah hin Boyi pakhat le Tat-kyat pakhat an i tel i hmiamtuar chung ah Bokyi pahnih an i tel tiah KNU tat-mahab5 nih cun an fehter.

Thlakhat chung i kahnak ahcun KNLa tat-maha 5 lei in pasaltha pa 6 nih hliam an tuar ve i ralhramg uico pawl nih hriam ngan a herhlo in an kahnak ah mipi sawhsawh pathum hliam an tuar ve tiah KNU tat-maha 5 nih June thlachung i kahanak cazin thanhnak ah an langhter mi a si.

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