Ukraine Cozah Nih NATO Bawmh A Hal Mi cu NATO Nih a cohlang lo

Ukraine ramchung ah No Fly Zone tuah ding in Ukraine cozah nih a halmi cu NATO nih a cohlang piak lo. Ukraine ram chung ah No Fly Zone tuah piak ding in Ukraine coAh nih NATO phu sin a halmi cu Secretary Jens Stoltenberg nih a cohlang lo tiah theih a si.

No Fly Zone tuah ding ah a tlamtlin khawh nak ding cu Ukraine ram chung sh NATO raltuk vanlawng pawl thlah in Russia ralruk vanlawng kahthlak lawng ah tlam a tling lai tiah NATO ramleng vunci pawl he i tonnak a dih in Stoltenberg nih a chim.

Cucaah mahticun ksn tuah a si ahcun Europe ram chung ah ralngan a tho cang lai caah hinak in a zualhma deuh mi ramkip i dohnak a chuak lai i tunak in mipi pawl harsatnak an tong lai. Cucaah tu bantuk in Ukraine cozah halmi kan cohlan lo nak hi a si tiah Stoltenberg nihcun a chim.Ref: NATO rejects calls for no-fly zone over Ukraine

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